All forms of social media are sharing the “Gangnam Style” footage by Psy, a singer and rapper from South Korea, which has quickly gone popular. With over 2 million likes and 290 million views in under two months, the original video of 강남 사라있네 viral on YouTube. On top of being shared thousands of times every day on Facebook, it has also been trending on Twitter.

How Designers See the Value from The “Gangnam Style” Video

The Korean rapper Psy is singing and rapping from the beginning ’till the end of the “Gangnam Style” music video. His journey begins at the beach and ends at the stable, via the elevator, the sauna, and the parking garage. Slick rhythms and a repeating chorus, featuring the phrase “Hey, sexy lady,” set the mood for the music video’s female extras.

Interspersed throughout the video are bizarre incidents, vibrant colors, and beautiful women. A sense of lightheartedness and carefreeness permeates the whole work, reflecting the artist’s interpretation of Gangnam style. The video and song mostly mock a subset of Korean women who skip out on food and other necessities in favor of high-priced cosmetics, coffee, and purses.

Gangnam Style’s Comedic Value

An important part of viral marketing is getting people to watch and then share videos, and the “Gangnam Style” video does this in a variety of ways. The video’s comedic tone is one of its most prominent features. Disco tour van and a restroom are just two examples of the bizarre and funny settings that Psy frequents, along with the outrageous outfits he wears.

“Gangnam Style” Own Principle of Beauty

Throughout the video, you’ll see color schemes that are either monochromatic or dichromatic, or even just complementing, with the various shades of color utilized consistently enhancing one other. Although it may not be immediately apparent, this creates a visually appealing impression for the spectator.

Using Humor in the Design Process

As a whole, the “Gangnam Style” video’s ridiculous humor shows that we are fortunate to live in a humorous society. Having a fearless attitude, willing to take chances, and occasionally being stupid and hilarious may propel you to great heights in the design industry and beyond. Take your client’s needs seriously and make an effort to understand them.

It is acceptable to be amusing with the correct people at the proper moment or to incorporate comedic elements into your designs; nevertheless, you should not be stupid when it is wrong.

As a businessperson, you can benefit much from building a reputation as someone who is amusing, approachable, and skilled at making people laugh. People enjoy being entertained.

Implications of “Gangnam Style” for Your Own Personal Style

Every designer should conceptualize their work around the minimalist color palettes and clean lines shown in the “Gangnam Style” music video. Color schemes that are either entirely monochromatic or feature subtle variations on a single primary hue are aesthetically pleasing because they provide a nice visual backdrop.

In a similar vein, the impression is achieved by arranging a set of colors that are complimentary to one another. A website or product that is user-friendly and accessible to all demographics must have a sleek, simple design.